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Our Rainforest Portfolio



Rainforest Learning Center

Our organization has opened four centers in and around Chicago. With Student counts and occupancy ratings in the hundreds, these centers provide a tremendous service to the community while also creating a solid revenue source for the other community-based programs in our portfolio.

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South Side Kitchen

coming Spring 2022

Ou food service program is about to go through a a whole new phase of expansion. New facilities, new distribution, and a whole new opening for clients. Stand by for our unveiling this fall.

Green Monkey Catering

Our first support organization for the Rainforest program was this full service meal provider, not just for Rainforest, but for countless schools in the area. As Rainforest expands its territory into other states, Green monkey and its affiliate programs will be expanding as well to fulfill the needs.

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West Side Art

coming Spring 2022

Our Art program will soon a have one more facility on the map. This fall we'll be finalizing the last step in the refurbishment of a facility we can't wait to show you.


Firehouse Art Studio

The firehouse is the heart and soul of the entire Rainforest world. All of out curriculum planning, material production and community outreach is base out of these doors.

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